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For couples who are planning their wedding and wanna stress less

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We surveyed over 100 couples about their current wedding planning journey and they answered.

The top three responses to “how are you feeling right now?” were:

  • Overwhelmed – we have no idea where to start

  • More stressed than not

  • Help! Please send vodka!

Whilst all troubling answers in what’s supposed to be the happiest day of your lives, that last one really bothered us. Not just because vodka reminds us of our 18-year-old days (shudder), but because there is a solution to stop you feeling any of that while planning your wedding- it’s called a Wedding Planner. It’s a real-life job, one that we’ve made into an entire business!

But we also asked why couples might resist hiring a wedding planner, and the top three answers were:

  • We heard they’re expensive (wrong)

  • We’re not sure what they do (they plan weddings)

  • Our venue has one included (really really?)

Not everyone wants to, or is in a position to hire a wedding planner right now, SO…

We spent 14 months, 3 weeks and 2 days creating this very special 101 course for you! (#yourewelcome)

This wedding 101 course is an online, step-by-step instruction to planning your wedding together. It includes five easy modules, free tools to keep you organised, more than 15 cheat sheets and downloads, our best inspiration resources and so much more- all sitting and patiently waiting for you to access at any time via your own personal login!

We don't like to brag but it's pretty darn good.

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