wedding planning

Have you planned a wedding recently? How are you supposed to know where to start? Society says you're supposed to know everthing, but we say don't put that pressure on yo'self gurl.

We have planned, worked, been in and attended a THOUSAND* weddings and have all the knowledge, contacts, expertise and experience you could ever need! So let's make your dream wedding happen together and the masses will be pinning your pics on Pinterest forever!

* it's closer to a million now

Vegas Wedding

Our famous KICKSTARTER Wedding Planning package!

Most popular for getting you started on your planning journey or for the crucial month before your big day!

Six weeks out and you've realised there's still so much to do? CHILL, we got yo' back! We will handle all the last minute fun stuff that comes up in EVERY. SINGLE. WEDDING (see, you're not alone) 

Includes 6 hours of wedding planning heaven with your own personal cheerleader, research team, action-takers, box-tickers and do-er of things.

(6 hours within the month before, email and phone support)

A Touch of Romance

Wedding Planning for three crucial months beforehand OR those initial three months to get you kickstarted!

Just got a promotion, or a puppy, or realised that there actually aren't as many hours in the day as you need? WE GET IT. Let us take away all those tasks you've yet to cross off and you put your feet up!

Includes three months planning, plus access to our online planning sheets.

(18 hours within three months, email and phone support)

Wedding Bestie

Wedding planning from day one!

Prepare to have your mind blown as we help you, care for you, nurture you and love you just as much as your other half (well, maybe not quite that much). You'll feel like the most carefree soul who's ever walked the planet as we research the best deals on bonbonniere, organise cake tastings for you, book your dress fittings and generally just be here for you like the best of besties. Does your Aunt Meryl want to bring three of her children whom you've never met? Allow us to let her down gently for you.

Includes max. 9 months planning, weekly Bridal Therapy sessions and general best-friend-ness, as well as free access to our shared online planning software*

(approx. 54 hours email and phone support)


(*planning sheets valued at $97)