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As you can imagine, we get hundreds of requests to work with us as a professional bridesmaid, so we thought we'd share some info below. 

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About Us


A professional bestie is someone our clients trust and on whom they can rely to manage their wedding- someone they feel comfortable handing over the reigns so they can just relax and enjoy it all!

A professional bestie is a shoulder to lean on and the ear to listen when others don't quite understand the wedding journey our clients are on.

We are there for our clients throughout the biggest event they'll plan in their lives together, and we offer the kind of support you'd expect from your bestie and bridesmaid.

We don't always wear the dress or hold a microphone; we're more often behind the scenes making sure the day flows smoothly and without any effort from the couple or their guests.



Thanks for your interest in working with us! As you can imagine, we receive hundreds of enquiries about working with us as a professional bridesmaid, and our job really is that cool! 

BUT it's probably a good time to mention that we're not just "bridesmaids for hire". What we do is SO MUCH more.

At the core of our work, we are wedding planners, wedding day coordinators and overall reallllllly hard workers at weddings. Why do we tell you this? Well, we get a lot of interest from people who think we just get to turn up at weddings, wear the bridesmaid dress and hang out (I wish!). We work our butts off for our clients in the lead up to, and on the day of, their wedding, and do all the things that bridesmaids are sometimes expected to do (and more!).


If you still think you'd like to work with us, please stay tuned via our socials and check back here.