Please look closely at the faces of the Bride and Groom to the right. See how joyful, happy and relaxed they look?

Now look at the flower petals flying, the bouquet in her hand, the arbour in the background, and the rolling green hills of the private property they married on. See Aunt Debbie sitting on a white chair on the right?

Notice anything missing? Nope? Good. 

What's not pictured is us doing our thing behind the scenes; handing out those flower petals, cuing the musicians for the Bride's entrance, and making sure there are seats available for both sets of parents.

At this exact moment, we were up in the reception marquee filling Eskys with ice because the drinks van team weren't quite ready for the ceremony to finish 20 minutes early. We were putting out blankets because it was getting chilly, and using our (collectively) giant muscles to carry cases and cases of beer and wine from the cool room to the aforementioned Eskys. 

Why are we telling you this? Because you'll never really SEE us work our magic at a wedding; the magic lies in the mystery of how we make it all happen...