Prepare to be WOW-ed by how much we can accomplish in 2.5 hours!


You have all these wonderful plans in your head; so many ideas and visions for your perfect wedding day (and an EPIC Pinterest page), BUT you're unsure where to start. Or worse! You've started and you're even more confused now as to what's next. FEAR NOT, friend! Your professional bestie is here to the rescue!


From helping you narrow down venues, to vendor recommendations, budget assistance and choosing colour schemes, in this 2.5 hour session we're going to do some serious box ticking!


But how does it work? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. 


After purchase, you'll be directed to a booking link. Inside the booking link is a space to write ALLLLLLL the things you'd like some help with. From there, Kerstyn will make personalised suggestions on which we can actually accomplish within 2.5 hours, and we confirm a time that suits you (we're not about wasting time!)


Think of this like an extended therapy session that's completely wedding-related and positioned to actually help you get stuff done! During the 2.5 hours, Kerstyn will discuss strategies, provide guidance and expert advice on what's next, including offering handy templates where required.


If you'd like to discuss whether this is right for you, please call 1800 4 BESTIE.


We're SO excited to meet you and get into it!

Full Blown Wedding Planning Session with Kerstyn!

  • Valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

    Phone or video call with Kerstyn Walsh.

    Non-refundable, but may be credited to another product or service.