You know when you have SO much on your plate it feels a little overwhelming?


Here's a one-on-one video call with Kerstyn Walsh; wedding planner and your very own professional bestie!


Wondering how to chop your guest list? Want help finding and choosing the right venue? Need some supplier suggestions from someone with insider knowledge? Just need someone to talk to who actually gets it?!

In this hour-long session, Kerstyn offers guidance and support for your wedding planning journey. Via video call, or over the phone if you'd prefer to multi-task with a face mask; purchase below for all the wedding advice and virtual high-fives you deserve.


After purchase, you'll receive a link to book in a time and a space to leave your questions in preparation.

Bridal Therapy Session with Kerstyn Walsh!

  • Valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

    One hour phone or video call with Kerstyn.

    Non-refundable, but may be credited to another product or service.