Why you shouldn't organise your own Hen's Night

If you're newly engaged and organising a Wedding, Honeymoon and Hen's Night is on your To Do List, I've got a word (or three) of advice. Don't do it.

Why not?

Well, to be frank. You've got better things to do! Hen's Nights are a way for you to sit back and enjoy the ride... so to speak. You've got all your favourite gals coming, you don't need to worry about if the champagne is chilled or the stripper remembered his nipple tassels. That's for me to worry about... #gladly.

I have found that over the years many a Hen, unfortunately, get's distracted or worse... stressed about planning the Hen's night. Which really stinks. It should be fun and to the taste of the bride. No pressure to have strippers if that's not your game. Want something low key that your gorgeous Gran can attend? Done. Easy! Want something a little more wild? Pleasure.

The problem is, when organising your own Hen's, you may find yourself sucked into the "pleasing everyone else" vortex.

**Incomes Kerstyn**

I listen to you, and what you want to do. Some Hen's find it difficult to voice exactly what they want their celebration to entail. Lucky for you, I speak fluent Bride. Vous me sentez?

We'll customise the perfect event...

  • Day or night-time event

  • Invitations and Facebook event organised

  • Themed Hen's Nights are all the rage! Picture this: you dressed all in white with your gal pals all in black (or pink or dressed as nuns - whatever floats your boat!)

  • Customised Hen's party games and frivolity (personalised printables and themed elements)

  • Meeting to work in with Bridal party on their ideas

  • Outdoors or indoors

  • Fancy a fancy brunch? I got contacts yo'

The options are endless - we just need to find the "you" in your Hen's Night.

K x

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