To MC or not to MC?

To MC or not to MC?

So, you’re planning your wedding. YAY YOU!

One of the biggest decisions you have to make is whether or not to have someone MC your wedding.

No...a different MC (come on that joke was just WAITING to be used).

We’re talking about a Master of Ceremonies aka MC aka Mega Cool aka who wouldn’t want to be called a MASTER OF CEREMONIES amiright?!

An MC typically ‘runs’ the wedding reception. They are the person at the front with the mic, introducing the wedding party, providing information, and announcing the speeches. They know what time the wedding photos should finish, they know when to kick off the dancing, they know what time the cake is due to be cut, and they know when the venue might start tidying up and pushing people out. All very important times of the event. And reality is, if you don’t have an MC to run the reception, who will? Aunt Marilyn?

But it’s not all ‘drill sergeant with a mission’ here. An MC gets to have fun and helps set the tone for the guests. They keep your wedding reception running smoothly and on time, and guests feel like someone is in the driver's seat. ‘Cos we all know you two newlyweds will be too busy smooching and being all lovey eyes to actually worry about what time it is.

Now, an MC can take many forms. They can be a close friend or family member (ideally someone who really likes you and will make a good effort) or you can hire a profesh (that’s me, hi!).

So let’s look at the facts. No MC = a lack of order to the reception. When are the speeches? Where is the bride? Who knows! Yes MC = a smoothly run and awesome event, where your guests are happy and everybody leaves saying “Wow what an amazing wedding, didn’t she look gorgeous, I must get the number of her MC.”

If you want to talk more MC (Hammer OR other), give me a call!

K x

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