How to Create a Stress-Free Boho Wedding Festival

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Or as we like to call it, a WEDSTIVAL #weddingfestival #wedstival

As you might know, here at Hire a Bridesmaid we're all about that stress-free wedding life. So, when the most chilled and relaxed couple approached us to help them plan their day, we were like "duh!"

Meet Radha and Ben:

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Aren't they just the cutest?!

Their wedding day was THE GOODS. They're so cool and hip and alternate and funky and creative and educated and fun (basically, who want to be when I grow up), and now we're going to show you how to create the same boho-style wedding....


Be chilled and flexible.

These guys booked suppliers and then those suppliers went back on their word and/or cancelled. I'm talking multiple vendors took their chilled personalities for granted, and undid their promises . But Radha and Ben didn't panic, not once. They kept their cool and did what any sane person would do in this circumstance... they hired me. Enter your professional bestie....


"You do you boo" - every millennial ever

These two knew what they wanted- a Festival style affair, true to their love of music festivals, travel and colour.

For starters, Ben and the Grooms-people's suits were a surprise for Radha! She had no idea what he'd be wearing (this boy has taste #kudos). Ben is a super talented graphic designer, illustrator and photographer himself, so you know the signage and custom invitations were special.

Their tables were all low-lying with funky cushions and eclectic rugs, and each table was named after a festival they've attended:

... When "you do you", means you make your future Husband and your Brothers wear your face for the day:


Have some fun, adult-sized entertainment. We're talking a jumping castle in obnoxious primary colours, sumo wresting and a cricket pitch!

Not only do these make for excellent time-fillers while you're off getting photos, your photos IN them are to.die.for!

The key to this is placement- if you have a huge space, you can spread each activity out and around. Just like a Festival, each is a different "stage"!

Add some sweet music and live musicians, and you have yourselves a partayyyy:


Food! It's all about the food!

Relaxed dining at weddings is a great way to ensure guests talk with one another AND get up from their tables.

Radha and Ben went for the most decadent grazing platter, thanks to The Event Folk, and a delicious mix of vegan paella options from Paella Del Mar. Like OMG wow thanks! I've actually never had pineapple in my paella and I'm legit never going back!

You could even add in a food truck or w