How to get your partner involved in the wedding planning process

For some, trying to ignite some excitement from your partner when it comes to wedding planning can be no mean feat.

Luckily for you, I got tips!

Talk it out. To start with, sit down and really chat about what each of you want, what you might have always dreamed of or envisioned on your wedding day, and what tasks they might be interested in doing. This is the best way to get on the same page as early as possible.

Give them special tasks to do

You might put them in charge of the music, or coming up with a ‘couple’ signature cocktail. They might be quite skilled with woodwork and could hand make cufflinks. Impressive! Whatever it is, let them take ownership as this will help them feel part of the wedding planning team. However, they shouldn’t just get to do all the fun stuff - that’s not cool. Make sure you’re sharing the envelope stuffing task.

Get them to make a few calls

Get your partner to call, or visit, a few venues or florists. This will give them a firsthand idea of how the process goes, what’s involved, and how much things cost, rather than you just relaying this information.

Be open to their input

This is where you need to relinquish control a little. If they come to you with ideas or suggestions, don’t shut them down straight away, or they’ll stop bothering. Remember it’s not just your day. They’re getting married too. (I know right? Selfish).

If your partner is still being a bit slack on the ol’ wedding planning front, I got you girl! Fortunately for you, I’m a bit alright at planning weddings, and can swoop in to help plan literally everything you need for before, during and after the big day.

Drop me a line.

K x

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