Currently in lockdown and wondering what to do about your upcoming wedding? Read on…

Lockdown got us like 🙋🏼‍♀️🍾

Here’s some advice if your wedding is coming up and you’re not sure what to do…

1. What date is your lockdown due to end? If your wedding is more than a month after lockdown ends, we suggest you don’t do anything just yet. Wait it out before making any decisions.

2. If your wedding is within two weeks of lockdown ending, reach out to all your suppliers to open a discussion about postponing or adjusting your date, and ask their advice. You don’t have to decide just yet, but at least you’ll know where you stand and what options you have, including some future date avails!

3. If you’re postponing your wedding, we recommend you go to each of your suppliers with some date options ie. more than one future date. AND if you really want to make sure you still have your dream team available, try a week day- there are so many reasons to marry on a weekday! Check out the latest post from @wedshed for 8 awesome reasons!

4. If you’re choosing to go ahead, regardless, kudos to you 👏🏻 Please keep in mind that whilst your wedding may look different, you’ll still be marrying the love of your life and that’s what matters most, right?

5. Throughout all of this, please be kind to yourselves- cry, be angry, get upset- but be kind to you and show kindness to suppliers, too. You could be their 10th call about the same thing and it’s hitting them hard as well.

And above all, please remember that your day is coming, and it’s going to be amazing, and you’re going to have the best time, and you’ll finally be married to your love ♥️

Hang in there, K x


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