An MC is Worth Their Weight In Gold: Here’s Why

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

We all have that mate or an uncle who loves the limelight and shines with a microphone in their hand. Often these loveable characters get preferential treatment when couples are deciding on who to appoint the VIP task of MC for their wedding day.

But there are a couple of extra things to consider when choosing your Master of Ceremonies; after all, it’s a big day and being in charge of running of your reception is actually a real responsibility.

Here are a couple of points we like to discuss with our clients when choosing between a friend or professional MC for their wedding day.

Sober Steve

This may come as a shock, but your MC needs to be sober-ish! We all know (and love) Uncle Bob, he’s such a great guy! However, we need to remember that a wedding is a big event - it requires a run sheet to manage timelines, multiple suppliers to organise all aspects of the reception including food, music, speeches, beverages, photography and so on. A reception has guests that need to be looked after and a couple of newlyweds who do not want to face an ounce of stress (nor should they have to). Therefore, the MC needs to be on their game - they are the face of the reception - so no tequila shots until after the first dance, ok?

Privilege or Pain?

Whether you’re a guest, a bridesmaid, a supplier, or in this case - the MC - weddings are a privilege to attend. But some couples think that asking old mate Joe to MC the wedding is “just a bit of fun and he won’t mind”. And he might not mind! Untilllllll the night itself, where he realizes that there’s actually a LOT of work to do #truthbomb. At times, a guest who takes on the MC role feels as though it would be rude to decline and so says ‘yes’ to make you happy; even though they’d love to be sitting on Table 8 having a beer with cousin Mike from Tasmania who they only get to see on special occasions.

It’s also worth noting, that being an MC can come with quite a bit of stress for someone who doesn’t have the experience. If you have a professional MC on board, they’re there to do the job - they’re not wishing they were on Table 8 (although they always seem to be the loudest and funniest of the bunch), and they can keep their eye on the run sheet to ensure your reception runs smoothly!

It’s a Serious Task

Being an MC isn’t all dad jokes and mic-drops. It’s a serious task that holds a fair chunk of responsibility. Think: working with the DJ to correspond music for the bridal party entrance and newlywed’s first dance, coordinating with catering to make sure food is on the guests tables while it’s still hot, and possibly the hardest task of all, ensuring the reception is running on time. All this, while setting the tone for the event, getting the newlywed’s parents' names right, and running to the loo in-between duties.

It’s no easy feat. Which is why a professional MC is worth their weight in gold. They’re comfortable in front of crowds, they know the flow of the reception and what’s coming next, they’re an extra set of hands when needed, and they can be a big contributor to the laid back, fun, exciting and memorable atmosphere.

Do you have questions about hiring an MC for your wedding? We’re just a phone call away.

K x


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