3 Secrets of a Wedding Coordinator

There seems to be a lot of misconceptions about the ol’ trusty wedding coordinator. A lot of my girlfriends imagine me day-to-day in activewear, cake testing (or as I like to call it ‘professional research’) and sniffing flowers at the markets. And while there is an element of truth behind this, being a wedding coordinator isn’t all nutbush citylimits.

Picture this: it’s 2 pm on your wedding day and I’ve already met your grandma Beryl and showed her to her seat, cracked a joke to the groom forcing him to squeeze out an awkward smile, and helped you into your gorgeous gown with double-sided tape at the ready.

The real reason we look so busy (hint: we are!)

When you picture a wedding coordinator you probably imagine a majestic creature swanning their way through a sparkling wedding venue, seamlessly adjusting flowers, hovering from table to table, clipboard in hand, not a hair out of place. We definitely know how to appear calm, and that’s because we are. We’ve done it all before, we’re prepared and we’re organised.

Out of all the wedding coordinators I’ve met, we always have one thing in common: we thrive on getting sh*t done! Getting sh*t done breathes life into our loins. It blows the wind up our skirt. It gives us energy like a pre-drinks jagerbomb. (Remember jagerbombs?! Haven’t had one of those bad boys since 1872. Good times.)

Being busy gets us excited, and that’s the simple truth of it. We’re here to make your life easy, the last thing you should be worried about on your wedding day, is being worried on your wedding day.

I still cry at weddings

Umm… of course I do! This should come as no surprise (especially if you’ve met me). Weddings are the best! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love love. Every love story is unique, every couple is beautiful and every wedding is special. For me, bringing those days to life and seeing how happy it makes not only the couple but their family, their friends… and me (LOL), is what it’s all about.

We’re going to be friends

As soon as your wedding day gets the green light, it’s on. You might be gaining a husband, but from now until that moment, I am your new friend. Don’t worry, I’m not replacing any of your current BFFs, I am merely joining them. You and I will talk, we’ll text, we’ll facetime. Before you know it I’ll know your bra size, your favourite lollies… and of course, I’ll be there at one of the most important moments in your life: peeing in your wedding dress.

And like all good friends, I’ll be there for you to remind you to relax and take it all in. Leave the rest up to me.

K x


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