master of fun

aka master of ceremonies

Having a professional MC for your wedding reception is key to ensuring the event flows seamlessly and on time.

We know what you're thinking:

"But Uncle John really wants to do it!"

We've been MCs for our friends and family, and let us tell you, it's a huge honour but it's also a huge task!

We LOVE it, but we never truly enjoyed ourselves (or got to drink as much as we'd liked!) because we were watching our clocks and running around all night.

Don't do that to Uncle John, ok?

Kerstyn Walsh


Born on a stage*, Kerstyn has been holding crowds captivated since birth. Professional bestie here at Hire a Bridesmaid, Kerstyn is the soul and flavour of our company (she founded it, so you'd hope so!) In fact, being a Master of Ceremonies is where it all began, and the company's other services grew from her passion of being part of your special day!

As your MC, she will expertly coordinate a timely run sheet and notes with you, greet your guests as they arrive at your reception, help them to their seats and have them all laughing and enjoying themselves before you arrive back. She will check in with you, high-five your Dad for his speech and give you warning in time for your first dance. If your Mum is in the loo when it's time for your speech, Kerstyn knows and will wait until she's back, champagne in hand. 

(Includes hour pre-planning meeting and 5 hours on the day plus reception run sheet)

A Male MC

We're not sexist, however we understand that some couples make their MC decisions based on whether or not the person looks good in a suit. It's cool. We can 100% guarantee that our male MCs look great in a tux! We also guarantee that they are Hire-a-Bridesmaids to the core and believe in our philosophy as much as the girls do.

As your professional Groomsmaid on the night, they will ensure a smooth-flowing reception and have your guests laughing, crying and LOVING their dad jokes. NB: Don't leave Nanna alone with them, they are some smooth-talkin' criminals.

(Includes 1 hour pre-planning meeting and 5 hours on the day plus reception run sheet)